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No Plan B

Jul 7, 2021

Nutrigenomics and Lifestyle

Talks with Rian Overcash Health Coach at @habitmethodhealth about Genetics testing for life improvement
from DNA testing to epignetics 


Jul 7, 2021

Livestream chat about what is Biohacking how people can use it to improve health and what is different from the science point of view.

Host Jean Fallacara discussed live with Dallas McClain Chief Editor of the Magazine Biohacker's Update

Jul 6, 2021

What is the Link Between Social Media and Mental Health.


- Amy Morin, Editor In Chief at Verywell Mind One of the top 100 leadership speakers of 2018 by Inc. Magazine. International bestselling author, psychotherapist, and popular keynote speaker. TEDx -

- Sonia Zarbatany, Speaker, Life & Performance Coach,...